26AS Reconciler

AI/ML enabled automated TDS(Withholding Tax) Receivables reconciliation

DataTwin 26AS Reconciler Dashboards

Cloud based automated reconciliation of Form26AS with sales, collections and TDS receivable ledgers.

Reduce reconciliation effort and financial risk associated

DataTwin 26AS Reconciler Advantages Reduce Effort Save Time
DataTwin 26AS Reconciler Advantages Improve Accuracy
DataTwin 26AS Reconciler Advantages Dashboards

Reconcile TDS receivable ledgers with Form 26AS. Reconcile sales, cash applied with TDS receivable ledgers. Reconcile customer statements with TDS ledgers. Reconciliation at scale and at speed.

Robust and Comprehensive TDS Receivable Reconciliation

Upload Data Easily

DataTwin 26AS Reconciler Data Upload

Upload Sales, Receipts, TDS Receivable Ledgers from ERP via API/csv/Excel Uploads. Download Form 26AS from TRACES in PDF or excel and upload.

Automated Data Management

DataTwin 26AS Reconciler Unified Records

Managing data from different sources, in different formats, coming in at various times is all done automatically. A unified record connecting all data arrived at.

Get Recommendations

DataTwin 26AS Reconciler Recommendations

AI/ML algorithms enables best fit recommendations for every invoice for every TAN/Customer. Includes reconciliation of TDS Deposited(26AS) Vs TDS Ledger and Amount credited(as per 26AS) vs Invoice generated.

Communicate with Stakeholders

DataTwin 26AS Reconciler Customer FollowUps

Communicate with other stakeholders including Customers, other Finance team members to ensure complete reconciliation.

Ready to fast track your TDS Receivable Reconciliation?

DataTwin 26AS Reconciler Sneekpeek

Save time, resources’ effort and cost and at the same time reduce financial risk associated with Income Tax.

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