Lease Accounting & Management

Lease Accounting compliant with Standards including IFRS 16, INDAS 116, ASC 842


  1. 1. Data on Leases can come from multiple sources; Is in different formats; can be Voluminous.
  2. 2. Modifications on every lease occurs many times and is difficult to manage.
  3. 3. Tracking and Notifications on Lease payments is not available.


  1. 1. Lease accounting computation based on varied complex rules as per financial standard followed.
  2. 2. Intelligent review and reconciliation engine.
  3. 3. End to end lifecycle tracker with tracking and notifications & streamline your processes by automatically integrating with your existing systems.


  • – Time to account leases every month reduced by 95%.
  • – Financial Reporting and Risk reduced by 20%.

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