Intelligent Finance Operating System

for Fast Growth and Success

DataTwinIFOS empowers your teams with a unified, cutting-edge platform that automates planning, transaction processing & reconciliation, tracking controlling and optimizing costs.

Future-proof your finance management.

Trusted by leading businesses


Improve your finance operations efficiency by 4X


Unify data, automate tasks, control costs, optimize finance.
Plan, automate, track, and decide - all in one intelligent platform.

Plan your strategic foundation
Automate your planning based on historical data, enable easy modification, set up reference/ benchmark.

Execute fast @ high accuracy Process fast even if bulk, control & configure your flow quickly, enable high accuracy.
Early risk detection Track actuals against critical KPIs, monitor KPIs for deviations against threshold limits

Turnaround rapidly; Enhance continuously.
Enable timely decisions & ensure its implementation with intelligent workflows to optimize plans, processes for better outcomes.


How Does Datatwin Help Manage Cost ?

Reduce time to extract data from bill by 80%

Extract information from Vendor bills automatically from your email

Allocate Cost instantly.

Allocate costs across segments based on any complex data engineering immedietely at the time of bill entry.

Plan, Budget & Monitor costs

Plan based on history data. Monitor actuals vs budget/plan. Identify issues, analyse root cause, find optimizations.

Implement optimizations @ speed.

Notifications and workflows to quickly correct/optimize the cost.

Close Books Faster

Automate period end activities including amortization, provisioning of costs.

Understand and Optimize your product cost

Understand your true product cost with insights into optimizing it even more.

Our Products

Scale without spiraling costs

DataTwin Cost Management
Design your cost dynamically to continuously align with your strategic goals for optimum profitability

Orchestrate your earnings flow

DataTwin Revenue Management
Streamline your revenue operations, increase your cash in flow, and unlock the full potential of your revenue cycle

Fortify your financial wellness

DataTwin Fixed Assets Management
With precision in tracking and valuation, stay ahead of the curve in maintaining the health and performance of your assets.

Financial Reconciliation @ Scale

DataTwin Reconciliation Insights
Eliminate discrepancies & bolster financial integrity @ scale

Unlocking Global Financial Reporting

DataTwin Global Standards & Reporting
Empowering businesses globally with financial clarity through seamless integration of global standards

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Less time, fewer errors, no duplicates, effective approvals, seamless integrations. It adds up.

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