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Maximize Your Revenue: Strategic Planning, Automated Execution, Smart Alerts, and Proactive Optimization for Optimal Growth
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How Does Datatwin Help orchestrate your earnings flow?

Revenue Forecast, Planning & Targetting

Forecast Revenue, target milestones, plan & execute activities, monitor to align with targets.

Streamline your billing and invoicing

Automate invoicing wherever possible to reduce errors and delays.

Accurate attribution of revenue

Monitor performance of marketing and sales activities, analyse attribution and understand cost of revenue.

Forecast Cash Flow accurately

Monitor your accounts receivable aging regularly and take proactive steps including timely reminders for overdue payments and incentives offers for early payments.

Simulate and analyse profitability

Analyse contribution, eliminate inefficiencies, replan activities & revise benchmarks.

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Less time, fewer errors, no duplicates, effective approvals, seamless integrations. It adds up.

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