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How is the planning automated?
Automation of planning can happen in two ways. Import your historical data, be it last year’s expenses available in your Financial book keeping software like Quickbooks, Xero, Tally, NetSuite etc. Or if you have done planning in another FP&A tool, you could import the plan directly into our application.
Can we import data into DataTwin?

Definitely. DataTwin has a Import tool that helps you map your data in excel, csv, tsv etc. to the internal data model. Once mapped, the import can be done without any issues. The mapping can be stored as a theme and can be changed when the importing data formats changed.

How many Import formats can be created as themes?

As many as you want. There are no restrictions on the number of themes you can create.

To what ERP's can DataTwin be integrated?

DataTwin provides a set of interfaces that are based on REST API’s and can transact based on JSON. If there is a specific need to integrate with an ERP, it can be taken up as part of the Set-Up or service efforts at a small cost to ensure your utilistation is utmost and derive maximum benefits from DataTwin.

What are the various transactions that has been automated with respect to Cost Management?

Extracting information from a vendor bill, accounting for the bill, allocation of costs for that bill, approvals for the bill are all automated. As part of period end activities, for any PO/Internal Plan created but no goods receipt or service receipt received, provision is automatically made and posted. Also amortization of prepaid bills periodically is automated. Taxation in terms of GST and Withholding tax has been automated.

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