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Dilip Ramadasan

Company Founder
Our mission is

To make Finance teams win and become true enablers of business.

Finance teams have been mitigating Financial risk for years. They get data across various siloed systems to understand the risk posed. They spend a lot of their time on manually reconciling the data but find it hard to best understand it and hence mitigation of that risk also becomes a huge issue. We want to give back time to finance teams for proactively identifying the risk and make them an enabler of business. Hence, we built an all-in-one financial data reconciliation and productivity platform. We help finance teams manage the business transactions data, automate reconciliations across revenue, receivable, taxation, Fixed Assets, Leases etc.

DataTwin increases productivity with automation and improve efficiency across processes. DataTwin also helps teams across the enterprise to manage data better, identify risk faster and mitigate it effectively. DataTwin was founded in 2019, just in time before the pandemic. Collaboration & automation is the need the hour and that made our customers adopt our platform. We believe this to be just the beginning of a new era of Financial Operations.



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